What's Included

A full bedding set is provided to all students, including a duvet. The bedding set does not include a towel. We recommend packing one towel in your luggage. In addition, all students will be provided with a kitchenware set, which includes cutlery, crockery, utensils, and plate ware. This kitchen set does not include specialty kitchen items but should be sufficient to prepare a basic meal. During orientation week, Residence Life Coordinators will arrange for a visit to homeware store where students can pick up a spare set of sheets, another towel, decorations for the room, and any other necessary items.

For a suggested packing list, please click here. Remember, whatever you pack, YOU will have to carry. Be conscious of the weight of your bags, since transporting them around the world on planes, trains, and buses will be difficult if you over-pack.

Note: Be sure to pack personal protective equipment including masks and hand sanitizer.  

Preparation for Day of Travel

N.U.in students should be sure to:

  • Bring your passport and visa (if applicable), as well as photocopies of each.
  • Carry with you any additional documents provided by Northeastern or New College of the Humanities through customs and immigration at the airport.
  • Record the serial numbers of important items that you are bringing with you (phone, camera, laptop, tablet, etc.). This will be useful in case any items are lost or stolen. We recommend leaving a copy of these numbers with family members.
  • Call bank and credit card companies to notify them that accounts will be accessed from a different country during the time spent abroad. We recommend making a photocopy of all credit and ATM cards to leave with family members in case these cards are lost or stolen.


N.U.in students are encouraged to bring raincoats, an umbrella, and appropriate shoes and rain boots since it rains regularly in London. We recommend bringing clothes that can be layered and mixed and matched, since the weather will vary greatly.

Month Avg. Low Avg. High Precipitation
August 59°F 73°F 1.89 in
September 55°F 68°F 1.93 in
October 50°F 61°F 2.80 in
November 45°F 54°F 2.48 in


An adapter is a device that allows American devices to plug into British outlets. You can purchase these at any electronics store. Consider purchasing a universal adapter for use outside England if you plan to travel.

Voltage Converters

The electricity supply in England is 240 volts alternating at a frequency of 50 hertz. Check whether the electrical goods you plan to bring will work at this voltage. Some devices, such as hair straighteners and blow dryers, may require a converter.