Partner Institution

Established in 1854, University College Dublin (UCD) is Ireland’s largest and most richly diverse university.  Located just 3 miles south of the city center in Belfield, UCD is set in an enclosed campus setting. A robust international student support structure exists at the university, complemented by excellent student health services and a wide selection of activities, sports, clubs, and societies for students to join.

College Compatibility in Ireland

The Ireland Program curriculum is tailored to meet the academic needs and requirements of students in the following colleges.

Bouvé College of Health Sciences

College of Engineering (COE)

College of Science (COS)

College of Arts and Media Design (CAMD)

Explore Program for Undeclared Students whose primary academic interest lies within one of the above colleges

Please note all courses are subject to change

Course Logistics

Students will learn more about the host institutions policies and expectations during on-site orientation.

Class Schedule
You will receive your class schedule when you arrive on-site.

You can purchase textbooks after your arrival on campus in Ireland. We do not recommend that you purchase textbooks prior to your departure. You should not purchase textbooks until your courses have been confirmed by your academic advisor.  

Academic Resources Abroad

Below are some of the Academic Resources offered by our partner institution. Please see their websites for the most up to date information. 

Writing Support Centre 

The University College Dublin’s Writing Center is staffed by postdoctoral and senior doctoral students. Use The Writing Support Centre for; improving or tailoring your writing style, improving syntax and grammatical sentence structure, specific writing assistance for first-year students. 

Maths Support Centre 

UCD’s Maths Support Centre is helpful for independent or group work, assistance from a tutor whenever needed, extra notes and self-paced material on particular topics, online tutorials, assignment sheets for all first-year mathematics subjects. 

Course Selection and Registration FAQ’s

Q. How do I know which courses I should select?
A. You should use the location-specific curriculum course maps and the course description guide available on the Program website to help guide them. If you are still not sure which class(es) to select after reviewing these documents, you should go ahead and pick the courses that you feel best align with your academic needs and interests. Remember that you will have the chance to consult with your Northeastern home college advising office to finalize your course selections before your program launches.

Q. Why are some or most of my classes already selected for me?
A. Many first-year programs of study have a fairly prescribed curriculum. The Program works closely with the colleges and academic departments at Northeastern to ensure that first year requirements can be met. The classes you see that have been pre-selected for you are based on academic requirements for your major.

Q. What do I do if I have AP, IB, or other advanced or transfer credit for any courses I was pre-selected into?
A. Don’t worry! It is not uncommon for students to come in with advanced credits and pass out of certain academic program requirements. You should review your curriculum course map on our website to start thinking about alternative courses that you will need or want in lieu of those that you placed out of. You do not need to email your home college advising office now. Your home college advising office will be contacting you soon! You will discuss course alternatives and finalize these selections with your home college advising office this summer (mid-June through mid-August).

Q. Once I choose my courses in the system, are my selections final?
A. No. You will have the opportunity to work with your home college academic advising office to make adjustments to your course selections over the summer (mid-June through mid-August). You will be able to discuss your classes with an academic advisor, and any necessary adjustments will be made at that time.

Q. What is NUpath? How do I know which ones to pick in my fall semester?
A. Here is more information on the NU Core Curriculum. You should choose an elective course that carries any NUPath attributes that are not otherwise fulfilled by major course requirements in their major. You will speak with your home college advising office this summer to provide guidance on your fall courses.

Q. Will I be able to make any changes to my course selections and schedule once I arrive to my Program location?
A. No. You will finalize your course selection process in concert with the Program and your academic advisor before your program launches. Courses cannot be changed once you arrive on location (in Dublin, London, Rome, or Thessaloniki), unless academically-necessary. Once course selections are reviewed and discussed, any changes made will be shared with our partner institutions, and are considered final. You will have the opportunity to review your final slate of courses for the Fall 2021 semester before departing and may contact the Program if you have any questions or concerns. That is the “add/drop” period for the Program. After that point in time (mid-August), no changes will be considered unless academically-necessary.

Q. What’s my schedule going to be? When do I get my schedule? What time will my classes be?
A. You will receive your final schedule— dates, times, locations of classes— once you arrive in your Program location for the fall semester. Your final schedule will be shared by the Program partner institutions during on-site orientation.

Q. When will I get to select my Spring 2022 courses?
A. There will be an Academic Advising Week for all students this Fall. This typically takes place in late October. You will again have the opportunity to work with your home college advising office to work through the course registration process for spring. There will also be a spring orientation in January where you may have another chance to review your courses with your home college advising office and confirm your classes.

Q. When will I receive my final transcript from my fall semester?
A. You will be able to obtain your official transcript from your fall semester during your Spring 2022 semester. The program office will be reaching out with next steps regarding this process after the Winter break, in January 2022. As a reminder, you must earn a C grade or better in order for your coursework and credits to transfer to your Northeastern undergraduate record.