One of the goals of The Program is to foster and develop a strong community among its members. The John Cabot University and staff will plan weekly, free, or low-cost activities, which vary year-to-year.

In the past, students have participated in several types of activities. Examples include:

  • Olive oil and coffee tasting tours
  • Cook-off competitions to showcase cooking skills learned during the semester
  • Open Mic Night to show off talents and cheer on others

Student Organizations & Groups

John Cabot University also has a number of student clubs, organizations, and groups that students are encouraged to join. These organizations meet a variety of different interests and passions, from an Art History Club and a Theatre Society to a Women’s Leadership Initiative and Universities Fighting World Hunger.


The historic center of Rome is easy to navigate on foot, with many of the historic attractions within walking distance of each other.

Public transportation in Rome is often the easiest and most affordable way to navigate the city. Although there is an underground subway system, local archeological sites have limited the expansion of the system. As a result, many get around Rome via local bus or taxi. A monthly bus pass is available for purchase. Upon arrival in Rome, students will receive a tutorial on how to purchase a public transportation pass.