N.U.in students return from their experience more adventurous, bold, ambitious, intellectually curious, reflective, and independent. The time you spend in this program can be thrilling, but it can be challenging as well. Before you make your college decision, please remember to take time to gather the information you need by speaking with the Global Experience staff and evaluating your own goals.

As you picture yourself as an N.U.in student, please keep a few things in mind:

  • What steps can I take to prepare myself to adapt to living abroad for a semester next fall?
  • What does my support structure look like? How can I anticipate what challenges I may face abroad and create a plan to tackle these challenges?
  • Have I set goals that might align with studying abroad early in my college career? How could early studying abroad help me achieve my personal and academic goals?
  • How will my decision to participate in N.U.in impact my financial planning at Northeastern?
  • How will I decide which location is the best fit for me (academically and personally)?

Which N.U.in location is the best academic fit for me? (PDF Download)