Last updated: August 17, 2021

Fall 2021 FAQ

COVID-19: Is my program still running in person? 

We fully intend to run internal programs as planned. We are monitoring the COVID-19 situation closely with stakeholders at Northeastern and in international locations. If we have any new developments or changes, we will notify students and families promptly. Please refer to the Global Safety and Security site for recent updates.

If an location  is suspended before the program start date, what are my options? 

Northeastern will evaluate all possible options should a program be suspended before the start date. These options may involve switching to our virtual learning platform GlobalConnections, switching to Boston (space permitting), or deferral for one year to the Program 2022. Students will not be able to move to another international location.

Do I need health insurance while participating in Is it offered by the Program

You are required to have international health insurance coverage while abroad during the fall semester, but it is not offered through the program. You are responsible to secure your own insurance for the fall semester abroad. Please see the Health & Safety pages under each location as some details vary. Northeastern University also maintains a comprehensive program to respond to costs associated with accidents and emergency/urgent illnesses that arise during the term abroad. For more information on the Northeastern-provided program, please review the University-Provided Urgent and Emergency Coverage. 

Please note that students are not eligible for Northeastern University’s Student Health Plan (NUSHP) until their spring semester, beginning in January. For more information on NUSHP, please visit their website. 

I am an Ireland student. Should I have received my offer letter from UCD yet? 

The offer letter has not gone out yet, you will receive it before the end of August.

I am an Boston Student, what is my new mailing address?
All Boston students will receive their mailing address directly from Campus Mail Services (by email) about a week prior to arrival. Read more here. Additional information about shipping items to campus mailrooms will be sent in mid-August; however, you should anticipate delays in processing. The combination of processing delays and quarantine restrictions mean that you should not ship any essential items such as medicine, or toiletries that you will need during your first several days in housing. Please do not ship any mail or packages to the hotel, as they will not receive deliveries. There is not a dedicated Amazon pick up location but there are several throughout the city that families may chose to use.


I missed the Pre-Arrival Orientation session, where can I watch it? Ireland Greece England Italy Boston


What is The Program? 

The Program is a unique first-semester experience for a select group of applicants to begin their fall semester studying abroad at one of our international partner locations or with Boston. They then transition to Northeastern in January in order to continue their studies. Students study with other first-year students and earn a full semester of academic credit towards the rest of the their time at Northeastern. 

Why was I admitted to the Program? 

Your acceptance into the program speaks highly of the kind of person you are—one who can make great contributions to this program and Northeastern University. After all, you have many of the qualities that are valued in students, including a sense of academic independence, a willingness to explore new ideas and places, a mature and open mindset, and an adventurous spirit. The Program offers well-qualified applicants—to whom we were not able to offer admission in the fall—the opportunity to join our community and begin their time at Northeastern with experiential education. 


Can I change my admission decision to enter in the fall or defer my admission and begin classes in the spring without going abroad? 

When applying to Northeastern, applicants can expect one of the following decisions: 

  • Acceptance for the fall semester
  • Acceptance to the Program
  • Admittance to N.U.Bound or N.U.Immerse
  • Deferral
  • Waitlisting
  • Denial

Students offered admission to The Program are reviewed with the same applicant pool as students offered admission for the fall, and all admissions decisions cannot be changed. If you are admitted to The Program, you cannot be reconsidered for entry in the fall and cannot be added to the fall waitlist. In addition, if you decline your fall admission, you are not eligible for spring enrollment. 


How do I choose an location? 

You must attend a location that is academically compatible with your major and age. Capacity at each location is on a first-come, first-served basis. For more information on college compatibility, please see the Location Eligibility page. 

You may select your location in your Application Status Check after making your first non-refundable deposit. 

Can I change the location I have selected?

We encourage you to evaluate the range of options offered to identify the location and format that is the best fit for you. Once you are confident in that choice, please make your enrollment deposit as spaces at international locations are offered on a first-come, first-served basis. 

 As a global university, Northeastern has been agile and attentive to global health and mobility throughout the pandemic. In consultation with public health officials, we are committed to and are optimistic about international locations for the Fall 2021 program, but we also recognize that you may feel more or less comfortable traveling internationally as the travel situation continues to evolve. If your situation changes, please know that:

  • If you choose an international location, you may change to Boston or to Global ConnEXions in your Application Status Check portal through May 1 
  • If you choose Boston or Global ConnEXions, you may request a change between these programs or to an international location. Requests to change to Boston or Global ConnEXions can be made in your Application Status Check portal through May 1. Requests to change to an international location must be submitted by email to [email protected] and will be granted based on space availability.  
  • Please refer to the Global ConnEXions site for more information.

Can I choose a location that is not compatible with my college or major? 

The curriculum offerings at each host institution is carefully evaluated and chosen to align with specific majors. As such, you cannot choose a location that is not compatible with your college or major. The courses taken at our host institutions are comparable to the courses fall-admit students take at Northeastern, so when you arrive on campus in the spring as an student, you will be on track to continue within your chosen major. 

Do I need to know a foreign language? 

No. All classes, with the exception of specific language courses, are conducted in English. 


How much does the Program cost, and what is included in the program fee? 

Fall 2021 program tuition information will be available on the Costs & Payment Information page. Please note that the Fall 2021 Program tuition and fees are estimates that are subject to Board of Trustee approval. The program fees for all of our locations will include: 

  • Tuition
  • Housing
  • Dedicated 24/7 support staff
  • Group flight fare and coordination
  • Orientation

Please note that some locations may have additional inclusions. 

How can I pay my deposit and program fee bill, and what payment options are available? 

The first and second (International only) deposits for the program can be paid through your Application Status Check.

The program fee must be paid in full, or a payment plan must be in place, before you depart for your locations. You can access your bill by going to your myNortheastern portal and viewing “my student account, payment, and e-bill information” link. You can expect to receive an invoice from the Student Financial Services department. For specific billing questions, please reach out to the Student Financial Services Department. For payment plans and billing, please contact our Student Accounts Department at 617.373.2270 or [email protected]Learn more on how to pay bills and find information regarding payment plans here. 

Am I eligible for financial aid during the fall semester? 

You can view your financial aid package through the Application Status Check where you also found your admission letter. While enrolled in the fall semester of The Program, students who apply for financial aid are considered for need-based funding and merit funding. Grants, loans, and work awards from federal and state sources cannot be applied to the fall semester while you are actively participating in The Program. If you qualify, you can use these financial options beginning with the spring semester. All supplemental loans, including the Federal Direct Parent PLUS Loan, are available to students and parents beginning in the spring semester as well. 


What types of courses will I take as an student? 

You will take a location-specific course and other courses that fulfill Northeastern Core and/or major requirements. For more detailed information on courses, please visit Program Academics. 

Will I graduate on time if I participate in The Program?  

Yes! Like all Northeastern students, students create their own unique academic path, with most graduating in either four or five years. When you start your college career with, you will still have all of the same options as students beginning in Boston in the fall, and will able to tailor your journey to graduation. If you are particularly interested in a four-year model, you may want to explore the option of NUterm, a summer semester of classes for rising sophomores at Northeastern. 

Students typically have flexible schedules. You should work closely with your academic advisors to determine the best progression track based upon your interests and graduation goals. We urge you to think carefully about where your primary academic interest lie before selecting an location. This will ensure that you begin with a strong base of prerequisites before progressing at Northeastern in the spring.

What is NUterm and can I take advantage as an student? 

NUterm is the period of May-June (Summer 1) after a student’s freshman year. During NUterm—a term designed specifically for rising sophomores—you can have the opportunity to earn eight credits toward your degree. NUterm offerings include project-based classes on campus and Dialogues of Civilization courses abroad. NUterm is a way for Northeastern students to maximize their time-to-degree options. students are welcome to take part in the NUterm during the summer after their freshman year. 

On Location Care & Housing

How will I be supported while I am participating in 

The Program provides professional staff to support students. This team of on-location staff oversees all facets of The Program on the ground, including academic, health and safety, and social components of the program. 

What happens if there is a medical or health emergency? 

Staff are fully trained and prepared to handle emergencies. Our partner institutions have assisted with setting up relationships with local hospitals nearby, and staff is aware of all safety protocols. There is an on-call phone number that you can call any time to reach a staff member should an emergency situation present itself. In addition, the Boston staff have an emergency phone and are kept aware of any situations at the locations. Parents are typically notified of emergencies either by staff or yourself.

Will I have an orientation before I begin my program, or once it ends?  

Yes. You will attend Orientation during the summer before your semester begins, an on-location orientation once you arrive at your locations, and a Spring New Student Orientation when transitioning into the spring semester. For more information on the Orientation, please continue reading here. You will receive more information about the Spring New Student Orientation via email during the fall. 

What are the details of my Boston room assignment?

More information on move-in dates and assignments will be coming out in the first week of August, and students will be moving in between August 29 and September 5 based on their assignments. Once Housing sends out the assignments and move-in dates, you will have an option to request a date change if the one assigned to you does not work for you. Please reach out to the housing office with more specific questions regarding roommates, meal plans, and move-in dates.

[email protected]

(617) 373-2814

What is my meal plan like for Boston?

All Boston students will have a meal plan that includes 12 meals per week and $165 Dining Dollars and 10 Guest Passes. The Boston meal plan includes meals allocated on a weekly basis, from Sunday morning breakfast through Saturday evening dinner. Weekly meals will be reset before Sunday breakfast each week. More information on Dining at Northeastern can be found here.

Dining Dollars can be used at dining locations on and around campus. Dining Dollars must be spent during the term they are issued as they do not roll over from term to term.

Unfortunately, Boston students are not eligible to change their meal plan for the Fall semester but are able to add Husky Dollars to their Northeastern account at any time. Based on our experience last year, most students chose to eat breakfast in their rooms or explore local cafes/restaurants close by to the hotels for their other meals throughout the week.


How do I apply for my I-20 (F-1)?

The Office of Global Services staff works closely with international students to help them apply for the I-20 form and answer any questions throughout the process and beyond. Review their FAQ and contact them here.

Am I allowed to travel in-country and internationally while at the international locations? 

Students are able to travel to other locations within their host country throughout the semester. Students are required to complete a Program Deviation form any time they are planning to be away from the host city. Students must also register in myNortheastern under “My Travel Plans” & with STEP every time you travel from your location. There are no class or assignment exceptions for student personal travel.

Currently, travel outside of the host country is discouraged due to COVID-19. Ability to travel will be determined based on current public health guidance and policies.

If you are under 18 years of age during your semester abroad, you must have your parent/guardian fill out a waiver to allow you to complete a Program Deviation form on their own.

Spring 2022

If I join, will I be at a social disadvantage when I arrive on campus in January? 

Northeastern’s campus is transitional by nature, meaning that students are constantly coming and going, either for domestic or global co-ops, study abroad, or other experiential learning opportunities. The Program fits in perfectly with this culture, and you are not at a disadvantage by entering in January. 

Due to this constant movement on campus, there is always a Spring New Student Orientation, Winter Involvement Fair, and Welcome Week activities offered each January for all incoming students. The Program and Student Affairs also hold welcome events for students. Arriving on campus has been likened to a reunion, as students are excited to see each other after forming such close friendships while participating in 

Where will I live when I arrive on campus for the spring semester? 

All students are guaranteed university housing in the spring. During the fall semester you will be prompted to fill out a housing application. Once submitted, our Department of Housing and Residential Life does their best to place you in housing according to your preferences. You will be placed in residence halls or apartment-style accommodations depending upon availability.